Service Outage Resolutions – 2021-11-16

Connectivity has been restored to all of our Access Points in San Juan County.  One Access Point on Saturna Island did not come back online, the site is currently being inspected.

Service Outage Ongoing – 2021-11-16

A small, localized power outage continues to affect our repeater on Saturna Island.  Electric company estimates put the crew onsite around 10 am.

One of our local broadcasters in the Buck Mt. area failed to come up after power was restored.  Our techs will be addressing that issue this morning.

Power Outage Resolutions and Ongoings – 2021-11-15

Power has been restored to all of our network except for Blakely Island and parts of Saturna Island, which is affecting our customers on Saturna, and both tips of southern Orcas.  Electrical crews are still working on restoring power to those locations, which should resume normal operation once the power returns.  We are also currently dealing with local Access Point outages on Buck Mt. and in Lavender Hollow.

If you are not in one of these affected areas and your connection is still down please leave a message with us at 360-376-4124 or email and we will assist you when we are able.

Power Outage Update – 2021-11-15

We are still working on getting Access Points in the Eastsound and Buck Mountain areas online after power was restored.  Saturna Island’s East Point repeater is still down due to a local power outage.

Power Outage Update – 2021-11-15

Power has been restored to most of Orcas including Eastsound.  OPALCO has not yet given an estimated restoration time for Blakely Island and the lower half of eastern Orcas Island.