Power Outage on Lummi – 11/17/22 – RESOLVED

Power has been restored to our broadcast sites on Lummi and our network has resumed normal operations.  If you are still experience an outage, please contact our office at 360-376-4124.

Power Outage on Lummi – 11/17/22 – UPDATE

Power has gone out for our broadcasters on Lummi Island.  The power provider is still estimating a 1 pm restoration time, so we are confident that service should be restored by then.  All connections should resume their normal operation once the power is turned back on, and we are monitoring this link to ensure that everything comes back up.

Power Outage on Lummi – 11/17/22

Strong winds have caused a power outage on Lummi Island, which my affect our broadcasters that serve parts of northern Orcas Island.  At this point onsite backup power is supplying our radios; but if the outage extends through the morning the power may fail.  Power providers estimate a restoration time of 1 pm.