12/22 outage update

From OPALCO website

12/22 @ 6:25 The Puget Sound Energy team has identified the issue and are in route to fix the problem. The restoration time is greater than 4 hours.

5:45 PM – The BPA and PSE crews on the mainland are responding and investigating the issue and working to make the necessary repairs. No restoration time yet. Please consider turning off most of your lights and heat so that when we do start restoring power there won’t be such a big pull on the system.

Power Outage in San Juan County – 12/22/22

4:59 pm The power has gone out across San Juan County.  Our automatic office generator and broadcast tower batteries are currently in operation across most of our network.  We expect battery life to last between 2-6 hours.  We will be monitoring the power situation to ensure our system comes back online when the power is restored.

6:41 pm – Several of our backup power supplies have been depleted, so more of the network will be without service until power is restored to the county. OPALCO estimated the restoration to be greater than 4 hours.


More at: https://www.opalco.com/event/12-22-450-pm-power-outage-san-juan-lopez/

12/22 Lummi Power Restored

Technicians were able to finally get to the remote broadcast system and restore power to devices serving Lummi Island and the east side of Orcas (the Raccoon Pt area).  There will be a followup visit to harden the fix later today.