Lummi Island Update – 2021-11-25

UPDATE: o630 2021-11-26: Power was restored around 0245. System is UP.

UPDATE: 2305 hours: The repair time has been set further back to Midnight.

UPDATE 2131 hours: The repair time has been set further back to 11PM.

Update 1830 hours: The Puget Sound Energy up date now says 9pm for restoring power.


Power Restored – Network Up – 20210113 1920

At 7:20PM power was restored to Eastsound and Network Operations Center.

We have some lingering areas where power has not been restored and we are investigating.

Lummi Island is a concern as it is outside the San Juan Islands Archipelago.  The Puget Sound Energy website shows power has not been restored in that location.

Areas around Rosario Resort are an issue as well as the Deye Lane area near Orcas Center.

Outage Update 6pm Jan 13, 2021

Upstream provider just lost their generator. As a result our fiber connection is down.

They are getting new fresh equipment in place. Thank you for your patience.

Monitoring Outage 8AM

Continuing to monitor outage in Network Operations Center in Eastsound.

Powering up Buck Mountain connection to see if things are alive up there

Be sure and check OPALCO website for outage information:

UPDATE: Power was up on Buck.  Back down now  at 0820