3/14/23 – Planned power outage on Pender

The local power company is conducting a planned equipment maintenance on Pender Island.  This is affecting our broadcast towers that feed traffic to parts of Saturna Island as well as Pender Island.  This outage is expected to be completed by 2:30 pm today.

2/28/23 – Power outage on Saturna & Pender

A regional power outage is affecting Saturna and Pender Island, taking down our broadcasters that serve clients on both islands.  Local power crews have been assigned to the work, and we are monitoring their progress reports.

2/9/23 – Power outage on Saturna

Trees have fallen on the power lines on Saturna Island, cutting off power to our broadcaster that serves parts of Saturna Island.  Local power crews are onsite and have an estimated uptime of 11:30 am.  We are monitoring the connection to ensure everything comes back online when the power is restored.

2/9/23 – Construction work at Rosario

Roof repair is underway at the building in Rosario that mounts our primary backhaul feed to many locations in the Rosario area and across the water in White Beach.  The repair is causing spikes of high latency, interreference, and packet loss across the backhaul.  We have moved our primary feed to backup connections which should alleviate the problem for most of the affected connections.

Repairs are expected to be completed by Sunday.  At that point we will verify the stability of the backhaul feed, then transfer our traffic back to that line if it meets our operational requirements.