7/26/23 – Electrical maintenance on Orcas

There is electrical work at the host location for our site that serves homes around Piper Place.  This will cause the backbone link to customers in the local area to go offline for periods of time whenever the radios are powered down.  The work is anticipated to be finished by 6 pm this evening, after this time our backbone link should function normally for all the affected customers.

7/24/23 – Atmospheric Interference – FOLLOWUP

As the rain moderated our devices were able to adjust to the atmospheric changes, and regular operation was effectively restored around 6 pm.  We do not anticipate a disruption of this nature to occur regularly, even during the rainy season, as our devices are able to adapt to regular rainfall and only suffer during sudden, intense downpours.  We will also be working to adjust the traffic load on individual connections so they are able to operate normally even under conditions that would restrict their bandwidth capacity.

7/24/23 – Atmospheric Interference

The unusually strong rainshadow this afternoon is causing periodic interruptions on some of our backbone radio links that transfer traffic to parts of Orcas and some of the outer islands.  Normally our radios can adjust to prolonged rainfall, but the steady increase in rainfall is hindering their attempts to compensate.  We are monitoring these links and making adjustments where able to maintain a functional level of throughput.

The rain is forecasted to last until around 9 pm.

6/15/23 – Outage on Orcas Island

A little earlier this afternoon one of broadcast locations that serves the greater Eastsound area became unresponsive.  We are currently investigating the cause of the issue and are working to restore connectivity to affected customers.

5/16/23 – Outage on Saturna Island

The power is down on Saturna Island, affecting our broadcasters that serve customers across Saturna.  Local power crews are working on the problem, and we are monitoring their progress to ensure our system comes back up when power is restored.

5/2/23 – Outage on Saturna Island

Onsite power work has taken down one of our broadcasters that serves customers on Saturna Island and Stuart Island.  The work is anticipated to conclude within the next hour.  We will be monitoring our connections to ensure they all resume operation when the power is restored.