01/17/24 – Power outage on Saturna Island and broadcaster down on Orcas

The power is out on Saturna island, affecting our broadcasters that serve Saturna and parts of northern Orcas.  Local power crews are on-site working on it.

One of our broadcasters in Eastsound that serves areas around the town has gone down.  We have a technician on-site diagnosing the problem.

01/11/24 – Power outage on Lummi Island

There is a power outage on Lummi Island that is affecting our local broadcasters.  Our radios on Lummi that serve areas on northern Orcas are on generator power and should remain online for the duration of the outage.  The local power company estimates a restoration time of 6:30 tonight.

01/11/24 – Power outage on Saturna

Strong winds have taken out the power on parts of Saturna, including our broadcast sites to Saturna and some Orcas residents.  The local power crew estimates a restoration around 11 am today.

01/09/24 – Power outage on Saturna

Power has gone out to our broadcasters on Saturna Island that serves the local area as well as parts of Orcas Island.  The local power company is aware of the outage and investigating the problem.

12/07/23 – Route Failure – RESOLVED

Proper routes were restored by our upstream provider a little earlier this morning, and all connections are back online.  If you are still experiencing trouble please notify our office at 360-376-4124.

12/07/23 – Route Failure

Since very early this morning we have been receiving irregular routing protocols from our upstream provider.  This is interfering with all traffic that attempts to enter or leave our servers.  We are in communication with our provider to get the issue resolved as soon as possible.

10/30/23 – Power outage on Orcas – RESOLVED

We have deployed a battery backup at the broadcast location and the service has resumed.  It should remain operational for the duration of the outage.  The connection may drop again for a few minutes when we retrieve our battery later this afternoon, then it will resume on normal power.

10/30/23 – Power outage on Orcas

There is a scheduled power outage on Orcas affecting our broadcasters that serve customers in Crow Valley and the Rosario Highlands.  We are putting a battery backup into place at the site until the power is restored.