04/05/24 – Power outage on Pender Island

There is currently a power outage affecting South Pender Island.  This has affected a broadcast tower of ours that serves some customers on Saturna Island.  Local power crews are onsite evaluating the issue.

2/9/23 – Construction work at Rosario

Roof repair is underway at the building in Rosario that mounts our primary backhaul feed to many locations in the Rosario area and across the water in White Beach.  The repair is causing spikes of high latency, interreference, and packet loss across the backhaul.  We have moved our primary feed to backup connections which should alleviate the problem for most of the affected connections.

Repairs are expected to be completed by Sunday.  At that point we will verify the stability of the backhaul feed, then transfer our traffic back to that line if it meets our operational requirements.

1/29/23 – Intermittent perfomance for Customers server off of Buck Mt

We begin experiencing intermittent performance on Sunday, Jan 29, for customers served off of Buck Mt.  This a far ranging Point of Presence reaching from Lummi Island and East Orcas to Saturna and Pender Island, including locations in between.

We have determined the issue is a bad connection to a backbone link  We have rerouted traffic around the bad backbone and will be diagnosing and fixing the the issue Monday, Jan 30.

The repair should hold until that time.

Jan 2, 2023 Performance issues on the west side of Saturna

We are experiencing a failing radio on the the west side of Saturna.  Our initial feed point which delivers service to areas such as North West Waldron, Pender Island, Western Saturna, Stuart Island is connecting and disconnecting.

We have  a technician en route to repair/replace the device.

12/24 Power Restored

Power is restored to the county.  We are looking to confirm our network is UP.

Merry Christams!

12/24 Power Update

From the Opalco Website:

12/24 @ 2PM We just heard that repairs are going well. We are now hopeful that you will have power to start cooking your Christmas Eve dinner – hopefully by 5 pm. As seen in the past, we can never account for all situations so we will continue updating if this restoration time gets pushed back. As we did before, restoration will come in phases to not overload the system and we expect that some smaller outages may occur as a result of this extended whole system outage.

Reference: https://opalco.com

12/23 Network is UP

Thanks to Stu and his companion.  They were able to get up to the side of the mountain in 2ft of snow and a drizzle to replace parts and get the connection back up.


Hope all of you have a Merry Christmas!!