12/22 outage update

From OPALCO website

12/22 @ 6:25 The Puget Sound Energy team has identified the issue and are in route to fix the problem. The restoration time is greater than 4 hours.

5:45 PM – The BPA and PSE crews on the mainland are responding and investigating the issue and working to make the necessary repairs. No restoration time yet. Please consider turning off most of your lights and heat so that when we do start restoring power there won’t be such a big pull on the system.

12/22 Lummi Power Restored

Technicians were able to finally get to the remote broadcast system and restore power to devices serving Lummi Island and the east side of Orcas (the Raccoon Pt area).  There will be a followup visit to harden the fix later today.

Radio re-alignment in Rosario – 11/9/22

We’ve encountered a software issue during a radio re-alignment in the Rosario area.  This is causing the connection to several of our customers to go up and down repeatedly.  We are currently addressing the issue and expect to have completed the work by 3:30 pm.

Backhaul Disruption – 10/25/22

Two of our main transmission links on Orcas are experiencing capacity drops during the severe rain showers we’ve been seeing lately.  We have backup links in place for both locations that have been capable of handling most of the load when the primary links fail.  At this point were are evaluating the proper procedure for such instances in regards to the primary link, and are working to optimize the backup links to decrease customer downtime and improve backup link capacity.

Rosario area and Blakely area work – 7/27/22

ROSARIO – We are continuing remote diagnostic work on our service to the Rosario area.  Last night we made some adjustments that we believe have resolved the ongoing disruptions that customers have been experience.  An exception occurred late this morning due to radar interference that disabled the connection temporarily.  We have since restored the connection to normal capacity.

BLAKELY – We’ve observed tidal interference in our link to customers on the west side of the Blakely residential area.  Later today we are going to be upgrading one of the radios on that link with a newer model that can handle a stronger load.  During that maintenance there will be service interruptions for 10 to 15 minutes.

Routing Failure – 03/14/22

Since mid-afternoon we have been unable to send traffic from most of our servers to the Internet.  Our techs are currently working on the issue.

Lummi Island Update – 2021-11-25

UPDATE: o630 2021-11-26: Power was restored around 0245. System is UP.

UPDATE: 2305 hours: The repair time has been set further back to Midnight.

UPDATE 2131 hours: The repair time has been set further back to 11PM.

Update 1830 hours: The Puget Sound Energy up date now says 9pm for restoring power.

Reference: https://www.pse.com/outage/outage-map

Power Outage Update – 2021-11-15

Power has been restored to most of Orcas including Eastsound.  OPALCO has not yet given an estimated restoration time for Blakely Island and the lower half of eastern Orcas Island.

Route failure RESOLVED – 2021-09-28

Technicians have completed work on our network and all connections should be operating normally.  Please contact our office at 360-376-4124 or email support@orcasonline.com if you are still experiencing random, frequent drops in connectivity.

Thank you all for your patience as we corrected this issue.